Imranraza Attari

Excellent place loved it feel like going again and again

Nyla Hussain

With the will of Allah swt my beautiful grandfather and aunt are buried in this graveyard, it is very peaceful here. There is always Quran tilawat played there and the mizaar is beautiful and peaceful

Mohammed Shabaz

The only graveyard in the world which has 24/7 Quran recitation played loud on speakers.

Wajim Ali

No words to describe it, peaceful and beautiful graveyard. Tilawat on 24/7.

Rafaqat Hussain

Where one can visit, reflect, contemplate and seek knowledge. A truly amazing spiritual place.

Nasir Mir

Nice, beautiful and peaceful facility

Mohammad Khaliq

Staff were helpful and understanding

Aqib Rahman

Great Place. Peaceful. 24hr Quran Recitation.

Waqar Rahman

Peace Love Respect Humility Shukr Alhamdulilah Hir Rabil Aalameen