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The cost of a burial at Garden of Blessings start from £3,400. For the complete price list, please view here.

Booking a burial at Garden of Blessings is very easy. This can be done by your funeral director or by a next of kin:

The following are required:

  1. The burial request form and the Part B disposal form, also known as green form, or a coroner’s order (to be submitted at the bottom of the burial request form).
  2. Full payment by Bank Transfer. Lloyds Bank for the credit of Garden of Blessings Account Number 29514960, Sort Code 30-93-54. The reference number will be the name of the deceased along with the date of death of the deceased-corresponding with the green form.
  3. If Janaza prayer was not performed in your mosque yet, we can make arrangements to perform janaza prayer on-site. Please inform us prior to arrival

The cost of a burial at Garden of Blessings starts from £3,400. For the complete price list, please view here.

One can reserve plots as many as are available

One can discuss what preferences are, however it comes down to availability of the space

If that space is available it is possible to reserve it.

The graves at Garden of Blessings are perpetual

Garden of Blessings is open from Fajr till the end of Maghrib

The address is Hijaz Manor, Watling Street, Nuneaton, CV116BE

Garden of Blessings does not work with concrete graves. Instead a polypropylene box is used for making the graves watertight. For the prevention of a possible collapse of the side walls during a burial a metal shoring is used that is taken out when refilling.

Garden of Blessings can do earth burials and watertight burials

An earth burial is when the coffin is in touch with the soil. A wooden framework with lid is used to go over the coffin and the soil is refilled over this frame

A watertight burial is when the coffin is placed in the polypropylene box.

The surface dimension is 140cm width, and 240cm long, the depth of a grave is 180cm deep

The biggest difference is that Garden of Blessings is a Private Islamic Graveyard. The land is freehold, which means there is no ‘maximum resting place’.

A headstone can only be placed when the soil has settled back fully. A sign of fully settled soil is that the grave is not ‘sinking’ anymore. This usually takes at least 10 months.

The theme at Garden of Blessings is equality. This is reflected in the Marble memorials at Garden of Blessings and that is why they are all the same.